I’m a strategic designer from southern Germany with a focus on end-to-end digital experiences. Through my skillset I’m able to evaluate user needs, build holistic services and efficient processes, test business ideas and help to create the final product.


[What I do]

I have a strong background in service and UX design. With my broad strategic toolbox of methods ranging from user research and business modelling to agile development practices, I design end-to-end services, products and experiences with a holistic approach that combines design, business and technology.


Service Design


Design Futuring


Strategic Design


Business Design

[What excites me]

I love diving deep into complex topics, identifying patterns in chaos and structuring information and processes. Rich context comprehensive data and information give me the confidence to make the right decisions. I thrive when strategies align over several levels, the bits and pieces of a service create a seamless experience and agile processes enhance efficiency and fun at work.



Any further questions, got curious or want to work with me?

Just reach out to me via mail or hit me up on LinkedIn 😊